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What kind of career can employees develop in Polyplastics?

After joining the company, an employee will strengthen his/her expertise and gain experience in the hired position.
Developing his/her ability and expanding his/her role, he/she will be promoted to higher position.
Furthermore, there are employees who are highly evaluated for their skills and performances and then assigned job in group company and play important roles there.
The company is proceeding "right person in the right position" in group wide, especially for top management and developing global HR systems.
We hope those who wish to develop their career globally can realize it.

Can employees take training courses to develop skills and knowledge?
Training Image

To achieve "developing talented and responsible people" as written in the Corporate Philosophy, each company conducts training courses.
For example, employees can attend grade based training to improve the quality of work and / or external training to develop their expertise.
In addition, employees may have chance to take training courses held in Japan where our "mother plant" and "research and development center" exists.

For managers, we implement group wide training which have participants from all group companies.
In this training, participants get lectured and have discussions about leadership, management and the change in the organization.
Those training courses are good opportunities for employees to communicate with employees in group companies and broaden their perspective.
There is also a region wide training for non-managers and its them is common in whole group.
Training details are in the chart below.

Participants Training Contents Held in
Middle manager
Organization operation & activation by proper management Group wide
Junior manager/Specialist Leadership, Management and how to make change in your organization. Group wide
Senior/non-manager Logical thinking
Problem finding and solving in the team
Region wide
Can employees get language training?

Since English is the official company language, we provide English language training depending on the situation in each country.
Offering online English course or subsidizing expenses of language school are the examples of the training.

What kind of appraisal system does Polyplastics have?

Each company has its own appraisal system and the result is reflected to salary increment and/or bonus.
Generally, non managers' are appraised their competency, attitude and performance and managers are appraised their performance and behavior.
For further information, please ask each company's HR.

How does the company penetrate its Corporate Philosophy?

We implement training courses and distribute guidebooks to give employees a better understanding of Corporate Philosophy.
Also, for managers, we have appraisal system called "Behavior Index" which evaluates behaviors and attitudes needed to realize our Corporate Philosophy.

Does Polyplastics group have a commendation system?

Of course each employee's performance is evaluated through appraisal system and reflected to the compensation.
Additionally, we have global commendation system called "Polyplastics Group Award" in order to cultivate good company culture such as recognizing employee's great achievement and encouraging continuous improvement.
Every June and December, the award is given to the employees.
There is a long service award in each company as well.

Are there any effort to improve communication between employees?
Sports event image

To establish better "Team work" which is one of the important values in Corporate Philosophy, each company has the programs for team building such as party and company trip.
As a group wide activity, we had a sports event and an anniversary party in Japan in 2012 when we had 50th anniversary of the company's establishment.
It was a big party having many participants from group companies.

What kind of products do you have?

We have 5 main engineering plastics which are POM, PBT, PPS, LCP and COC.
Among those, we have the largest share of POM and LCP in the global market which means our products are used in all over the world.
For additional information, please visit our official website.
The movie will also help you to understand Polyplastics group.