Policy & Talent We Seek
Group Recruitment Policy

Group Recruitment Policy

We pay attention not only to candidates' knowledge and experience for the position, but also to their potential to grow in various areas and understanding about our corporate philosophy.

When searching for a right talent, we are searching for a candidate with right knowledge & experience.
In addition, we also expect their future potential to expand their work and ability to share the values of Corporate Philosophy.
Please see below for more information about our Corporate Philosophy.

Talent We Seek

We seek for talents who can challenge to create new values with the spirits of mutual trust and cooperation.

As in the Corporate Philosophy, we have two important values called "Polyplastics-Way" and "Polyplastics-Family".
  • The "Polyplastics-Way": We create value together with our customers.
  • The "Polyplastics-Family": The best teamwork
We seek talents who are capable to materialize those values.

Corporate Philosophy


We contribute to building an abundant future society by innovation and developing talented and responsible people, through pursuing the unlimited potential of engineering plastics.


The No.1 solution provider for engineering plastics.
We will continue to provide the best solutions for engineering plastics to our customers, in technology, quality, services, supply, and all other aspects.

  • The "Polyplastics-Way": We create value together with our customers.
  • We always stand closest to our customers.
    We understand customers' needs by knowing our customers from the inside out.
    We continue to provide higher-than-expected value based on the best technology and services.
    Following the above, we build strong relationships of trust with our customers and grow and develop together with them.

  • The "Polyplastics-Family": The best teamwork
  • We consider each other important. We respect individuality and diversity.
    We emphasize teamwork based on mutual trust and cooperation among all employees.
    At the same time, as a team, we embrace the challenge of seeking to constantly evolve.
    We call this team the "Polyplastics-Family", which is our most important basic values.

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